Centre of Excellence


FKA aims to be the centre of excellence for those who wish have a breakthrough in their lives. Established since 1993, we celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2018 as the premier Training & Consultancy firm in this country.

By using psychological approaches, we help you improve your personal, professional and organizational performance.


We provide:

  1. Motivational Seminars for large number of participants (40 – 100 pax), which the main objective is to change the mindset, belief system and to realign the values that support a winning organizational culture.
  2. Soft Skills Development Workshops to enhance your leadership and communication skills. Be it Project Management, Time Management, Stress Management or Negotiation Skills, our workshop uses the Accelerated Learning Methodology that guarantees 100% participation, real-time demonstration and practical use of the skills. We also differentiate between SKILLS and COMPETENCY so that your organization can plan your employees’ development in a more structured manner
  3. Executive Coaching for your company’s top management. This personalized, one to one or small group engagement with Dato’ Dr Haji Fadzilah Kamsah along with his team of Internationally Certified Business Psychologist will ensure that your leaders master the Art of Influence. This will create a stronger high performing team, engaged and empowered team in your organization.