Motivational Seminars

Most employees are evaluated either based on their technical competencies, seniority or their visibility to the top management. Unfortunately, none of these is related to leadership and employee engagement.

Therefore, when employees are promoted in this traditional manner, their approach and orientation will be different than what was envisioned by the top management. There will be lack of leadership, as these employees are not prepared for a leadership role. They will be unable to manage their subordinates properly, as they only know what worked for them, which might not be suitable for their subordinates. As a result, there will be poor team performance, due to less engagement and low motivation.

Fadzilah Kamsah Academy offers motivational seminars with one main objective: How to Read People and Understand Their Behaviours.

This special skill set will enable leaders and even parents or teachers to have the ability to understand and motivate people around them. A motivated group of people will get things done, achieve goals and produce tremendous results. It is the basis of any winning teams.


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