Our Partner

Quint Wellington Redwood

Quint Wellington Redwood, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands is a leading global consultancy. Quint Academy, its educational arm, one of the world’s largest IT training organizations. Worldwide, over 30,000 professionals from 49 countries choose Quint Academy every year.

Quint is the Global Accredited Training Organization (ATO) with APMG International, a global certification body for various professional certifications for various professional certifications. As an ATO with APMG International, Quint is authorized to appoint partners to deliver these programs through a partnership program known as ATO Affiliate.

With this partnership, FKA will now be authorized to deliver Quint’s full portfolio under APMG for both e-learning and classroom training.

All deliveries are authorized either through Quint’s Accredited Trainer or certification via external trainers that meet stringent accreditation processes by APMG that use Quint’s accredited courseware and exams.

Quint’s Certification Program

  • Best practices framework that describes how the business should work with the right techniques, method, process, activity, incentive and/or rewards – more effectively in delivering values to stakeholders.
  • All these courses are recognized internationally as industry standards and best practices framework.

Why Quint?

  • The portfolio of courses offered by Quint Academy is at the interface of business and IT, at the strategic, tactical and operational levels.
  • Focus on imparting knowledge and know-how (hard skills) and concentrate in changing behavior and attitudes (soft skills).
  • Quint’s trainer are consultant who have experience implemented what the said in the class – Walk the Talk
  • The courses are accredited and end with a practical test, assessment or exam, which offers recognized certification. Passing the exams leads to the award of an internationally recognized certificate by APMG as - benchmarks of professional competency